Fight Fortress Europe InfoTour 2022

The north-eastern European migration route experienced a devastating renaissance late summer of 2021. The monster of EU has in turn showed its ugly face yet again too. Politicians feeding the narrative of danger through migration, lining up with right-wing and conservative forces. Europe defends its wealth with all possible means and accepts the death of […]

End of September at the border

The past week on the Polish-Belarusian border has been a busy one. Increased migratory movements indicate that once opened, the route does not close for reasons such as the erection of a wall. The fence is only a means of reinforcing the narrative of fear, giving a fleeting sense of success to politicians, while for […]

A year at the border – (counter) report // Rok na granicy – (anty)sprawozdanie

[EN] [PL] Migration management – A comment on the last 12 months at the border. The border in the game of politics It’s been a year since migration once again became the most discussed topic in Poland. We have not seen so many important events unfold in almost a decade. At the anniversary we can […]


For 10 months already the dramatic situation on the Polish-Belarusian border continues. People on the move, who were rescued from death in the forests of Podlasie, are currently held in guarded, detention like centers for foreigners and experience further suffering. The wave of hunger strikes has been increasing for over two months in Lesznowola, Wędrzyn, […]

Confronting War and Racism: Migration and Solidarity in Eastern Europe – discussion panel

W niedzielę, 12 czerwca, zachęcamy do udziału w panelu dyskusyjnym online, podczas którego uczestniczki i uczestnicy poruszą tematy pomocy wzajemnej i obrony terytorialnej w ramach sytuacji w Ukrainie, jej wpływu na ukraińską społeczność romską oraz migracji w Europie i związanym z nią rasizmem, w szczególności wobec migrantek i migrantów na granicy polsko-białoruskiej. Po wystąpieniach nastąpi […]

Solidarność w dobie wojny i przesiedleń. Anarchiści i Anarchistki przeciwstawiają się wykorzystywaniu uchodźców jako broni na granicy Polski i Białorusi

Niniejszy tekst jest tłumaczeniem artykułu o tym samym tytule, który ukazał się w wersji angielskiej pod adresem: This text is a translation of the article with the same title that appeared on: CrimethInc. : Solidarity in an Age of War and Displacement : Anarchists Confront the Weaponization of Refugees on the Poland-Belarus Border Artykuł jest […]

Walls, or how Poland joined the use of criminal methods for border protection

[EN] [PL] Walls, or how Poland joined the use of criminal methods for border protection The building of walls is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, and countries in all regions of the world separate themselves by barriers from their neighbors, explaining such behavior with the need to protect borders. However, in order for such a […]